Friday, May 20, 2011

So many seedlings

At the beginning of March, I was overwhelmed with the need to make a garden. Of course, where I live it was too cold to plant anything other than radishes, so I started many plants in the basement. I set up an elaborate system of lights propped up with books or tied to the wall with string. I started a zillion seeds.

I wasn't really thinking about just how many seedlings I was growing. It didn't seem like much when they were only half an inch tall. And many died anyway, since the basement was damp and chilly, and I didn't exactly have the best nursery system going.

The flower seeds either sprouted quickly and I put them outside one by one, or I killed them with love. Either way, easy to handle. But then my tomato and pepper plants began to mature.

See, I love tomatoes and peppers. My love borders on the obscene. I figured, a few plants aren't enough to fulfill this love, so I will start LOTS of plants. But when they got big enough to pluck from the cookie sheets and put into individual little peat pots, I began to get a little stressed out. I'm in nursing school so I don't have a lot of extra time. Then they were big enough to transfer outside, and I become VERY stressed out. I hadn't counted before, but I had more tomato plants than a single person would ever need. The Roommate and I both like tomatoes, but Dani and the girls are not enthusiastic about them.

I have been putting those goddamned tomato plants in the ground for the past three days. As of an hour ago, I have transferred FORTY plants. I still have thirty left sitting in the wheelbarrow. Mocking me. Looking depressed and wilted because I won't give them a beautiful place in the sun to spread their hateful little leaves.

Little bastards.

What makes it worse is that I had decided to be all hippie about the garden. I took the advice of internet gardening hippies and I have been making most of my garden with the "double-dig" method. This means you have to: 1) dig a lot 2) dig some more 3) be real pissed off and tired but you still have MORE DIGGING. I had done this because I thought, hey, it's great for the earth! And it'll be a good workout and I'll get some awesome buff arms! But those damned hippies scammed me. They didn't say, "Oh, this will take for-fucking-ever. And you'll want to kill yourself long before your garden is ready."

Also, I didn't realize that I would be uncovering with my BARE HANDS a lost graveyard of glass. I don't know why the previous owners hated glass so much, but there was some serious loathing there. The entire back yard is full of shards of glass. And it's well under the sod, so it's been there a while. I guess they would collect bottles and go out there and go SMASH I HATE YOU BOTTLES and spread the glass around evenly so no area was untouched. I don't get it. I've never seen this much glass in one spot. So I've slashed open my fingers so many times it's ridiculous. I'm also finding bizarre twisted rusted pieces of iron. What?

Anyway, I also planted a small mystery garden today. Why is it a mystery? Because I have NO IDEA what those seedlings are. I had started a ton of flower seeds, moved them out to the little window box in the yard to grow, and promptly forgot about them. A few days ago, I pulled the top off so they could get used to not being in a greenhouse environment - but I forgot out Ranger. That damned dog got into the box and dug it all up - leaving me to find a big pile of potting soil, sad seedlings, and chewed up plant markers. So I went ahead and planted them all and we'll see what happens.


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